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The Würth Elektronik Group with more than 7300 employees in 50 countries manufactures and sells electronic and electromechanical components, circuit boards and intelligent power and control systems. The business unit Wurth Electronics Midcom, a US based company, manufactures and sells a wide product range from ferrites, inductors, capacitors and common mode chokes to transformers, LEDs and connectors.


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Product Definition Engineer | Plano, TX | Job-ID 2231

Your tasks on board

  • Provide technical support to IC-Manufacturer for multiple power supply topologies to meet or improve their requirements with Würth Elektronik products and technical knowledge
  • Provides technical support to IC-Manufacturer to help them develop reference circuits, writing datasheets and application/design notes
  • Use communication skills to build strategic relationships with key technologists and customers
  • Design magnetics & support Würth Elektronik eiSos Strategic Product Development Team
  • Develop magnetic component recommendations at the circuit level and design custom magnetics for use by IC-manufacturers
  • Provide IC-manufacturer with detailed product information and design tools such as datasheets, samples, application notes, design specifics and design seminars
  • Identify and report technical needs of current and emerging semiconductor manufacturers to improve tactical and strategic product positioning
  • Interface with Strategic Product Development Team to help characterize and correlate new products

Your requirements

  • Strong academic and technical background in electrical engineering. Minimum BSEE is required or equivalent foreign degree
  • More than 2 years of experience in designing electronic circuits and layouts
  • Good understanding of fundamental electrical design elements (capacitor, inductor, transformer, resistor, diode)
  • Strong understanding of power supply topologies & design requirements
  • Approx. 40% travel and available for international support when required
  • Good communication and writing skills in English language, which means to be an effective presenter, with ability to ask questions appropriately and to be a good listener

Your application

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